Wholistic Wellbeing
About Me - Wholistic Wellbeing
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About Me

My mission is to help people unleash their talents to maximize their professional and personal success through a better understanding of their unique strengths, passions, and values.

I primarily work with Millennials and Female Professionals who want to leave their footprint in their workplace and ultimately in life and who are committed to continuous personal growth.


How I got into Coaching
I was faced with yet another organizational change and having worked with only one company since the start of my career in 2006, I felt anxious and uncertain as a natural immediate reaction towards change.


Things changed for the better when I started to engage and connect with people outside of my usual environment. Exploring other parts of myself through visualizations and meditation enabled me to fully embrace the change journey. This path not only made a huge difference in my life but I also became fascinated by how our limiting self-beliefs and internal thought processes are holding us back. That’s how I started to embark on my transformational journey to become a professional coach, something I knew I always wanted to pursue in life.


I realized that the most fulfilling and inspiring part of my corporate career revolved around supporting my team and colleagues in their professional and personal growth. Over the years I have developed my own leadership style focused on empowering and caring for my team members which allows them to maximize their fullest potential.


I have experimented with different and, from an Asian context, unconventional ways of working, especially when operating with a diverse team from various generations. I am convinced that a new style of leadership is needed, tailored to the needs of the individual and generational preference to create a more engaged workforce so the individual goes beyond just making money.


I believe this is my contribution in this world and the legacy I want to leave behind and decided to dedicate myself full time to Wholistic Coachsulting to help business owners and executives who understand that they have to focus on their PEOPLE to grow their business and individuals who want to go through a transformational journey and achieve sustainable (w)holistic wellbeing.


Beliefs and Values
We all know that to feel truly happy and fulfilled the most important thing is to have a clear vision of what really matters to you in life and to align this vision with your deepest inner values and true passions. I want to make sure that everyone also practically applies and acts upon this knowledge and figures out how their unique talents can contribute to the greater good.


It is extremely empowering to assume responsibility, take ownership of your life and progress towards making your dreams a reality.


Education and Training
I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and am a Certified Professional Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards in Hong Kong.